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How to Write the Common App Essay

If you are wondering how to write the Common App essay, you’re not alone. The essay is a critical piece of your college application and is intended to provide college admissions committees with a more detailed understanding of your personality. Focus on yourself and your life instead of referencing a specific college or stream. You can write about a personal experience, a passion, or an introspective moment. Here are some tips to help you write the perfect Common App essay:


How to write an introtrospection essay for a college application is similar to writing a journal, but instead of focusing on your favorite books or songs, you should write about your life experiences. You should also include some personal experiences and thoughts that are not directly related to your Common App essay topic. By practicing self-reflection on a daily basis, you can have ample ideas to write about for the Common App essay.


If you are wondering how to write a personality essay for the Common App, keep in mind that it is one of the few pieces of documentation that allows you to express who you are outside of your grades, test scores, and SAT scores. Hence, you should choose a topic that reflects the most positive aspects of you, and tie it back to your background and achievements. If you’re struggling to choose a topic, make a list of possible topics and brainstorm ideas. You should then think through each one carefully, and imagine each one in your mind. Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing about me?”. Consider the core qualities of the Common App and decide how you want to show them.


Writing an essay on your passions can be one of the easiest things to do. This particular prompt asks you to describe something about yourself that you love. You can write about something as varied as a musical talent, a hobby, or a way to spend your free time. Whatever you choose, it is important to show how your passions tie into your worldview. The more specific you can be about your answers to this question, the better.


Whether you want to attend a top college or university, the Common App essay may make or break your application. In the past, many top students were turned down by their dream schools because they did not know how to write a compelling essay. While good grades and standardized test scores may indicate a student’s academic prowess, they do not always reflect their personality. Adding some personal context can go a long way to enhancing your application.


Writing the Common App essay is not like writing any other argumentative essay. The focus is on the details, not the overall argument. Here are some tips for writing a compelling essay. First, make a list of 4 to 5 meaningful topics. Use these ideas to narrow down the most suitable Common App essay topic. Save the others for secondary essays. By shortlisting multiple topics, you are guaranteeing yourself back-up ideas.

Word limit

In the past, the Common App has imposed a strict word limit on the essay. Despite the strict word limit, you can still craft a quality essay if you follow a few simple guidelines. First, you should narrow down your topic, and then limit your sentences and paragraphs accordingly. Narrowing down your topic allows you to focus on the most important information and cut out anything that’s unnecessary.

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